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Good advice.

So, how do you explain our favorite customer's lack of productivity when the latest addition to an existing application was 'requiremented', implemented and deployed under their own watchful and constant tutelage?

At least I haven't heard that the blame was placed on IT in this case. But then, I'm not within hearing distance.

And, come on, you can't even get budget to test the damn thing...internal marketing?!?

Perhaps, next time, I'll add an 'Operational Adoption' section to the usual project plan. Then, when that's cut and the usual results occur, I'll email it broadly to the bosses of the folks who cut it. That'll make me popular. Just like what happened when testing was cut and I emailed out the well documented I-told-you-so.

complain, kvetch, whine, sob.

maybe the trick is to simply predict this problem. let them know you know it's likely. then, if and when they decide it's a problem worth solving, you're the guy.

i've just never persuaded anyone or made any friends by insisting on integration testing, or user training or user documentation, or prototyping or...whatever it is, if it wasn't their idea then i'm just trying to sell them something they don't need.


Note to Bob: But if "they" thought about internal marketing at all, they would be more likely to do the right thing re operational adoption. In this particular case, I think fear was more of a factor; by engaging the customer, it made their delivery results more visible (or risible, depending on which side of the fence you sit).

yes. the old punchline, "it's a process". to be european about it; it's a dialectic. you have to speak-up. you have to try to have the conversation. be a happy warrior...or project manager as the case may be.

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